Aumone Media Controller is a network integrated browser based control system for media equipment. The system interface is accessible via any web-browser on any device connected to the same network, be it a laptop, tablet or desktop computer. Since the Aumone Media Controller works over the network, it can be temporarily accessed from a different device if the dedicated device malfnctions. The composition of the system is based on standard IT components to ensure the availablility of spare parts or replacable components far into the foreseeable future. Standard IT components also keep the pricing of Aumone very competitive.

The servicing and upkeep of the system can easily be outsourced by contract to Hansa Ecuras Oy.

An example of Aumone as a conference room controller

In the past, malfunctions of AV-equipment in a conference setting required expensive on-site servicing and analysis. Aumone stores information on integrated technical equipment on the dedicated interface device. This information can easily be accessed to pinpoint the exact source of any equipment malfunction. Aumone also predicts future servicing needs and can, if desired, independently send a message to the party responsible for servicing, for instance when the projector lamp is nearing the end of its life span. The use of Aumone saves on time-consuming malfunctions analysis and ensures that devices and equipment is serviced on time and the conference room is back in use in no time.

This is just an example of what Aumone can do. Should you be interested in how Aumone could specifically meet the demands of your organization, feel free to contact us. You can find contact information here.