Aumone Media Controller was first implemented and taken into use in the City Council Hall at the Town Hall of the City of Oulu in the year 2010 and at the (Finnish) Metalworkers' Murikka-institute reception area of the institutes main entrance hall.

According to users, Aumone is a logical and straight-forward application. It is used in seminars, public events and conventional meetings, when a microphone and video projector are needed. Our clients report that visiting presenters have found the use of Aumone Media Controller simple after only a short crash course. Staff training for the use of the Aumone Media Controller is included in the price, and a service contract with Hansa Ecuras Oy facilitates the efficient upkeep and servicing of its main equipment even when the system is in operation for instance during an on-going conference. Our clients are happy to report that Aumone has met their demands very well.